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Two different approaches, with different indications but both with the objective of perceiving the human body as a whole and not as independent parts. Thus, it is possible to intervene and treat different pathologies, musculoskeletal and beyond, through their origin and thus improve the quality of life.


Global Postural Reeducation (or his trademark RPG®) is an advanced physiotherapy technique developed in France by Phillipe Emmanuel Souchard, based on the work of Françoise Mézières and several years of studies and research in Biomechanics and Physics.

It consists of postural adjustments to reorganize the segments of the human body, through the stretching of the retracted muscle tissue, in order to allow the reorganization of the myofibrils and the rebalancing of the muscles that maintain the posture.

In addition, it also produces the release of fascias and connective tissue, by applying the "fluency" principle.

It is a method of physical therapy treatment, used in several countries by physiotherapists trained personally by Philippe Souchard.

Dr. Ana Tomé is a licensed physical therapist, works at the District Hospital of Faro and is certified in this technique.

Hugo Almeida Osteopatia
Ana Tomé Fisioterapia RPG


It is a therapeutic science based on the biomechanics of the body. In Portugal it is the most used non-conventional medical technique and its usefulness is recognized by countless doctors, which led to the emergence of a law decree that regulates and recognizes properly trained osteopathic therapists.
Its origin dates from the end of the 19th century when the physician Andrew Taylor Still identified the interrelationship between the musculoskeletal system and the rest of the body. Musculoskeletal pain may be just the tip of the iceberg of another distinct pathology.


By manual and natural treatment, since the body has a capacity for healing and rebalancing. The function of the osteopath is to treat, through the hands, the somatic and structural dysfunctions of the body.

Dr. Hugo Almeida is a therapist at the Faro District Hospital with a degree in Osteopathy from the University of Madrid certified and recognized in Portugal.

Ana Tomé RPG

Ana Tomé

Physiotherapist RPG

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Hugo Almeida


Fisioterapia Faro RPG



Starting from the symptom to get to the cause of pain or a problem in the musculoskeletal system, RPG® treats the individual and not the disease, because each of us has our own resistance to aggression and our own way of reacting to her, often adopting individual patterns to avoid pain or blockage.

What keeps us standing, against gravity, are the static muscles. To exercise this antigravity function, which requires a state of partial contraction, static muscles have a high content of connective tissue and a high tone. For this reason, they tend to become hypertonic, hypoflexible and shortened, especially in cases of pathologies or stress, and can cause deviations in bones and joints.

To produce movement, we use dynamic muscles that have less connective tissue and low tone. Hence the tendency to become excessively flaccid and hypotonic (eg, the abdominal muscles of sedentary people).

When a patient complains of acute shoulder pain immediately after an accident, the source of this pain is clear and local treatment is usually sufficient.

But another patient may have a higher shoulder in order not to put too much weight on an ankle subjected to a sprain mechanism on the opposite side. In this case, a chain of compensations probably started in the plantar muscles, which increased their tone to protect the ankle joint, which, in turn, may have increased the tone of the hamstring muscles and spine erectors, culminating in the shoulder lift.

If this shoulder is kept permanently in that position, it is possible that the patient will end up having pain. It is natural that the physiotherapist does not expect the patient to be able to correlate the current pain with a fact that occurred some time ago.

Only through RPG, the physiotherapist can establish this connection between the symptom (the pain in the shoulder) and the cause of the problem (the retraction of the muscle chain after the ankle sprain mechanism).

We are a family owned and operated business.


It can be indicated without age limit, for most pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, acute or chronic, with symptoms of pain, such as problems in the spine, herniated disc, low back pain, sciatica, RSI (repetitive strain injury), injuries articular and post-traumatic, neurological diseases (eg Stroke), among others.

Also indicated for problems without the presence of pain, such as deviations of the spine (for example: scoliosis; hyperkyphosis and hyperlordosis), deviations of the feet, knees, and others.

RPG is also indicated in preparation for childbirth and in Sports (eg Athletics, Football, Basketball, Golf, Cycling and Swimming).

We are a family owned and operated business.


The physiotherapist works with the patient (all the time), against pathology. During each session, the physiotherapist uses micro-adjustments in stretching in a series of smooth and progressive postures (standing, sitting or lying down).

RPG requires a very active participation from the patient.

Throughout the session, he works his body, stretching the static muscles while strengthening the dynamic muscles, following the chain that is causing the pain and / or other problems.

The duration and frequency of these sessions, which are individual, depend on the patient's problem. On average, each session lasts about an hour and once a week.

Physiotherapist / RPGIST

Dra. Ana Tomé

  • Degree in Physiotherapy by the School of Health of Alcoitão.

  • Basic Course on Global Postural Reeducation (RPG®) and Advanced on: Articular, Neurological Conditions, Oculomotor Reeducation; Cervical Pathologies, Evaluation in Radiology and Scoliosis Treatment.

  • Monitors RPG® in Portugal.

Osteopatia Faro



The locomotion apparatus, spine, joints, muscles, ligaments and fascials. The visceral system, certain functional imbalances.
Cranial osteopathy.


Osteopathy is recommended in the following cases: back pain, neck pain, torticollis, cervicobrachial neuralgia, back pain, low back pain, sciatica, sports injuries.
Stress, irritability, headaches.
It is a means to find an adequate posture and movements without pain. Adjusting the internal balance and eliminating tensions, it aims at a holistic harmony of the body, providing well-being.

Osteopathy acts in the prevention of several disorders, being also effective as a complement to psychological and medical practices.


It is a way of feeling the body and getting in touch with its tensions and imbalances.
Awakening a new and deeper awareness of the body, we learn to know it better and to respect it, becoming more sensitive to its rhythm and needs.

We are a family owned and operated business.


Structural techniques: joint manipulations.
Rhythmic techniques: stretches, pumps.
Functional techniques: relaxation of the fasciae.
Osteopathic treatment includes a complete examination with anamnesis, observation of posture and evaluation of tissues and joints.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Osteopath / Occupational Therapist

Dr Hugo Almeida

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