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      Clinica Medform in Faro has a team of 5 highly qualified dentists who, combined with the latest technology, offers all types of dental care, from simple cleaning to the most complex oral surgery, combining competitive prices, high quality and sympathy.

Clinica Medform is fully licensed and meets the most demanding hygiene and sanitary requirements, which allows us to have several agreements with insurers and entities.

medform dentista facetas


Veneers are thin layers that cover the front face of one or more teeth, usually made of feldspar ceramic or lithium disilicate.


They allow to restore, quickly, imperceptibly and aesthetically perfect anterior teeth. They have very high strength and long durability. The color of the teeth is defined together with the patient allowing to lighten the teeth quickly and does not change over time.


They are works of excellence and that with the proper planning can be carried out within a few days, definitely changing your smile for the better.

medform dentista implantes


Implants consist of replacing the natural tooth by placing an “artificial root” in titanium. This root allows to support a new tooth.
This process therefore has two phases. In the first, the implant itself (which corresponds to the root of the new tooth) is placed. In the second, after the osteo-integration of the implant (correct acceptance and integration of the implant by the bone), which lasts about 3 to 6 months, the crown is placed on the implant. In some cases it is possible to extract a natural tooth and immediately place an implant with a temporary tooth. The use of 3D imaging techniques allows you to schedule the surgery and make a highly accurate cost and time estimate.
Implants allow the replacement of one tooth, several teeth or all teeth, and their placement is painless. The implant placement takes, in most cases, between 30 to 60 minutes.

medform dentista invisallign


Orthodontics is the medical science that allows you to align your teeth and balance the bite, achieving an aesthetic smile and healthy chewing.

It can be performed using conventional braces or in many cases uncomplicated, using transparent gutters that when used sequentially over a few weeks allow teeth to be pushed into their correct position without any aesthetic compromise. As they can be removed during feeding, they have high comfort and their use is almost imperceptible.

medform dentista branqueamento
Teeth Whitening


Make your smile white and bright, it is fast and the current techniques are comfortable and the result is surprising and predictable. The whitening process does not damage or weaken your teeth. The process currently used is by applying 35% hydrogen peroxide to the enamel and subsequently releasing molecules with a high whitening power. The peroxide is activated with the help of a led laser.

The whole process is safe, fast and with guaranteed results. As an alternative and recommended in most cases due to better control of the final color and less transitory sensitivity, it is possible to make gutters with the shape of the teeth where the whitening gel is applied in the laboratory and the patient applies at home for a minimum of 2 hours per day, for approximately 7 days. The gutters are reusable and the gel refills can be purchased separately so that in the future you can touch up or boost the color.

medform dentista protese fixa


There are two types of fixed prostheses: the crown and the bridge. The crown is nothing more than an artificial tooth fixed on the treated structure of a natural tooth. With this solution it is possible to preserve very damaged teeth, in a very resistant way and with perfect aesthetic results.

The bridge is indicated for the cases of the absence of one or more teeth, fixing one or more artificial teeth to the adjacent teeth, which are also treated for this purpose. This technique stands out, like the crown, for its safety, resistance and aesthetic result maximized by new materials in Dentistry, such as Zirconium and Ceramics.

We are a family owned and operated business.

It is a fast, reliable solution and does not require surgery.

medform limpeza dentária


Periodontology is the specialty of dental medicine that takes care of the gums. Periodontitis is a chronic disease most prevalent over 50 years, but it can occur at any age and is the main responsible for the early loss of teeth. Its evolution depends on multiple factors such as oral hygiene, genetics, smoking, systemic diseases, among others, but it always begins with an inflammation of the gums, called gingivitis, exacerbated by the presence of plaque on the teeth. When it is not treated it leads to irreversible loss of the bone that supports the teeth and at that stage it becomes incurable and only the dentist can stop its progression.

The most common way to prevent and stabilize periodontitis is to perform scaling on a regular basis, usually twice a year, but in more advanced cases, curettage and root canals, mucous-gingival surgery, antibiotics and bone graft can be done.

medform cancro oral
Oral Cancer



  • Oral cancer is the 6th most common cancer worldwide;

  • The main risk factors are tobacco and alcohol;

  • It appears in an asymptomatic way, a lesion persisting for an indefinite period of time, only becoming painful later;

  • The oral cancer mortality rate is high;

  • The key to your treatment is a timely diagnosis;

  • The risk of developing cancer in the oral cavity decreases with the years of smoking cessation. After 15 years of cessation, the risk is close to the values of a non-smoker.


Your dentist is the health professional responsible for the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies and diseases of the teeth, mouth, jaws and attached structures. Consult it regularly, at least twice a year.

medform temporomandibular disfunção
medform dentista ATM faro
TMJ Disorder


Many oro-facial or head pains are not of dental origin, but in associated structures such as the temporomandibular joint or the muscles of the jaws, head and neck.
These problems are called Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) and should be treated by dentists with experience in occlusion.

These pathologies can manifest themselves in many ways and many of the associated symptoms seem to be unrelated. It is for this reason that many people develop them without knowing it. Some of the symptoms that indicate the probable existence of temporomandibular disorders are as follows:

• Feeling clicks or pain when opening your mouth
• Having pain when eating or yawning
• Having frequent headaches or neck pain
• clench or grind your teeth
• Have your teeth worn
• Waking up in the morning with sore or sore face muscles
• Having difficulty opening your mouth
• Having problems with other joints (such as arthritis or arthrosis)

medform digital smile design dsd
Digital Imaging


Technology is constantly evolving and dentistry has seen fantastic advances in recent years. Currently, it is possible to scan the mouth and teeth in 3 dimensions, simulate the final appearance of the teeth and smile in that 3D model and send directly to a 3D printer or precision milling machine to instantly obtain the teeth planned with the patient.

At the Medform clinic we have doctors and equipment certified in the Digital Smile Design technique that can help make your dream come true much faster and easier than you think.

medform endodontia


Endodontics allows you to save a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. When its structure is still viable, the dental nerve is removed and the canal is sealed, thus allowing the tooth to stop hurting and be rebuilt from the inside.

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