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Department of  Orthodontics and Orthopedics  Maxillary Functional

Dr Thaylise Andrade

dentist                                                         PT | ENG 

️     Formed in 2010, it has a trajectory of great dedication and responsibility in Dentistry.


    In 2013 he completed the Specialization in Orthodontics and since then his services have been directed to this specialty. It works with several orthodontic appliance systems, including self-ligating systems and transparent aligners.


    His area of expertise also covers preventive and interceptive orthodontics with functional orthopedic appliances for the jaws.  


    Get to know a brief summary of your professional skills:

✔️ Graduated in Dentistry 

✔️ Specialist in Orthodontics 

✔️ Master in Dentistry

✔️ Update on Functional Jaw Orthopedics 

✔️ Immersion in Auto Connectable Systems 

✔️ Training in Digital Orthodontics and Orthodontic Aligners

✔️ Improvement in Skeletal Anchorage with Mini Orthodontic Implants.

Other information:

Professional Card OMD 13428

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