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Fit body, young face

Storz Medical Shock Waves



Body and facial treatment with D-Actor ultra Storz™ shock waves


D-ACTOR ® 100 »ultra« is STORZ MEDICAL's body and facial equipment with Radial Acoustic Wave technology. This device allows you to work on cellulite and localized adipose tissue, obtaining a visible remodeling effect only in the first sessions. AWT ® Radial Acoustic Wave technology stimulates a physiological response and accelerates the natural tissue repair processes, with a non-invasive method and avoiding side effects, for lasting tissue results.

AWT ® Radial Acoustic Waves act by promoting blood circulation, improving the permeability of cell membranes and the exchange of substances between cells and the surrounding environment, eliminating waste and, last but not least, they allow the reduction of fat cells and the regrouping of connective cells. tissue . This method reactivates metabolism by stimulating lipase, increases venous-lymphatic microcirculation, stimulates growth factors, increases the production of collagen and elastin, which improve skin tone in terms of elasticity and firmness.
With this equipment you can carry out treatments to reduce fat and adipose tissue imperfections, remodel the silhouette, for visible results already evident from the initial treatment sessions.

Acoustic Waves are also a great way to treat the face. Therefore, we study specific anti-aging protocols to restore skin tone and firmness, restore a more oxygenated and uniform complexion, reduce wrinkles, delineate and lift the contours of the face.



Treatment of cellulite imperfections
Treatment of localized adipose tissue
Body remodeling
Firming and toning the skin and connective tissue
Lymphatic drainage
Activation of muscles and connective tissue
Muscle relaxation

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Anti-aging facial treatment
Anti-wrinkle facial treatment
Firming and lifting facial treatment
Reduction of the depth and size of wrinkles
Improved skin elasticity and density
Improved skin tone and texture

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The V-ACTOR ® handpiece for pre- and post-treatment vibratory stimulation has an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to maneuver. The V-ACTOR ® handpiece emits and transmits vibratory waves, an indispensable aid in all AWT ® body protocols in combination with acoustic waves. The main function of V-ACTOR is to stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and the main lymphatic stations to promote the elimination of waste and excess fluids. Vibratory Waves also have anti-inflammatory and decongestant action. On muscles and tensions, the vibrating waves have a muscle-relaxing effect, stimulating the body's tissues, promoting better oxygenation and giving an immediate sensation of well-being.



The Acoustic Waves of the D-ACTOR® handpiece are generated by a projectile repeatedly accelerated by compressed air. After the bullet impacts a transmitter, energy is introduced into the tissue. Various types of transmitters allow different structures to be treated.

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