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Department of Surgery and Oral Rehabilitation

Dr Luis Bento Ferreira

Dentist - Clinical Director                                                                            PT | ENG | FR | ES


   Born and raised in the city of Faro, in 2006 he graduated in Dentistry at the Instituto Superior de Ciencias da Saude.


    His academic path reflects his understanding of the human being as a whole and thus he completed several postgraduate courses in implantology, oral pathology, oral rehabilitation and dentofacial aesthetics. The study of occlusion and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders complement their areas of interest.


   In addition to the clinical direction of Medform, in 2014 he assumes the Coordination of the Stomatology Service at Clinica Lusíadas Faro and in 2015, until 2020, he is part of the General Council of the Ordem do Médicos Dentistas. ​


  Confidence, Rigor and Calma are words used by those who know you to describe you and are the motto for your personal life and for your queries.  

Other information:

Professional Card OMD 5493

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