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Biostimulation, Vascularization and Hyperactivation.

INDIBA Medical Proionic System



INDIBA ® technology generates three biological effects:

We are a family owned and operated business.

Biostimulation, Vascularization and Hyperactivation.


These processes increase metabolic cell activity, blood flow and circulation, improving the oxygenation of tissues and cells. The effects also support the creation of new collagen, detoxify tissues and support lymphatic drainage. When working at a specific frequency of 448kHz, INDIBA can also work at a sub-thermal level, allowing to provide treatments in sensitive areas and acute tissue repair (immediate postoperative, new scar formation and post-aggressive treatments).

Combining manual therapy with INDIBA technology will accelerate cell remodeling with results from the first session; The combination of manual therapy, exercise, other technologies and INDIBA will result in incomparable results for Cellulite, Flaccidity, Localized Fat, Edema, Postoperative, Postpartum.

INDIBA technology is highly recommended by professionals for pelvic health treatments for men and women. Great results are achieved in postpartum treatments, pelvic pain and incontinence.

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