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One of the uses of Botox is to eliminate wrinkles on the face

Botox application



  • Treatment Time: approx 20 min
  • Start of Action: 3 days after
  • Age to start: After 30 years
  • Recovery Time: Immediate
  • Product Range: Original Botox

The name Botox, a trademark, originates from the botulinum toxin that acts on nerve transmission resulting in a paralyzing action on muscle fibers, thus obtaining an attenuating effect on expression wrinkles. This is just one of the effects of applying Botox and depending on the area applied, it can be used to inhibit excess sweating in the hands and armpits, help in the treatment of temporomandibular disorders by inhibiting excess load on the masseter muscle that causes joint pain, correcting an smile that shows the gums in excess, among other applications.


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