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Department of Restorative Dentistry and Pediatrics

Dr Iryna Melnyk

Dental  Doctor                                                                                                          PT | UKR | UK

   Degree in Dentistry in 2015 at Bogomolets National State University in Kiev.


   Formations and qualifications: aesthetic restorations; prevention of diseases of the oral cavity; periodontology; pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry.


    Believes that dentistry is an art. As there are no two identical people, there are no identical clinical cases. Stereotyped thinking is not good, experience and creativity are important. At the same time, the job requires patience, discipline and precision. All of this is to your liking.


   She likes that Dentistry does not allow her to stop what has already been achieved and forces her to constantly improve her knowledge and skills to monitor her progress and better respond to the expectations of her patients.

   He gets a special pleasure, overcoming his fears and complexes with the patient, gaining his confidence and creating a friendly and comfortable environment during the treatment.  

Other information:

Professional Card OMD 13459

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