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Implants consist of replacing the natural tooth by placing an “artificial root” in titanium.

Dental implants



In recent years, scientific advances have been enormous in the field of implantology and its increasing reliability has led to it being a highly sought after area. Implants consist of replacing the natural tooth by placing an “artificial root” in titanium. This root allows to support a new tooth.
This process therefore has two phases. In the first, the implant itself (which corresponds to the root of the new tooth) is placed. In the second, after osteo-integration of the implant (correct acceptance and integration of the implant by the bone), which lasts about 3 to 6 months, the crown is placed on the implant.
Implants allow the replacement of one tooth, several teeth or all teeth, and their placement is painless. The implant placement takes, in most cases, between 30 to 60 minutes.
The implants are safe and reliable, being identical to natural teeth in terms of aesthetics and comfort.
It is possible to perform single implants in which an implant replaces a lost tooth, or implant-supported bridges in which 2 or more implants replace 3 or more lost teeth. When a jaw is completely edentulous, the performance of at least 4 implants, in ideal conditions, allows replacing all lost teeth with a screwed fixed prosthesis.
In cases where the price is a determining factor and has to be reduced, a very comfortable solution is the placement of only 2 implants and a removable prosthesis (overdenture) with 2 inserts of the ball or "locator" type fits and stabilizes on these .

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