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Scans 3D
The excellence of the diagnosis allows an excellent treatment

CBCT 3D Radiology



State-of-the-art technology, low dose of radiation, just 7.7 seconds for an arch and 29 seconds for a complete bimaxillary facial. Full face 3D Tomography for implantology or bone pathology research. Digital export in DICOM file for other clinics.

  • HD Panoramic X-ray

  • Frontal, Lateral and PA Maxillary Sinus Radiography

  • Bitewing HD

  • Rx Dynamic Temporo-Mandibular Joint

  • Dental Anatomic CAT HD 0.75 voxel

  • TAC HD Dental Arch

  • Bimaxillary Facial TAC 16x14cm

  • TAC ATM Joint TMJ

  • Digitization of Models and Molds

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